The JAGANNATH TEMPLE is one of the biggest shrines of the Hindus. Moreover, it is considered as one of the four holiest shrines(or Chaar Dhaam). It is also believed that in Kaliyug, Lord Krishna resides in this very temple. ​

    Besides just being important from the religious point of view, it is also a great scientific wonder! 

    I would like to share the amazing facts:

    1. The grand kitchen of this temple, where mahaprasaad for many devotees is prepared everyday, is marvellous. Mahaprasaad  here is prepared by keeping 4-5 earthen pots one over the other and then,it is cooked. What do you think, which pot will get cooked first? Most of the people will think the answer would be the pot that is closest to fire(at the bottom), but much to our surprise, the topmost pot gets cooked first! 
    2. When any opaque object is placed in the path of light, it casts a shadow. But, surprisingly, the main dome of the Jagannath Temple does not have one!
    3. The main building has a Neel Chakra over it. It symbolises Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra. The amazing fact behind the Neel Chakra is that it will always face you irrespective of your position in the temple!​
    4. A hoisted flag always sways with the wind. But this statement does not apply to the flag atop the main building or the sanctum sanctorum of the Jagannath Temple. The flag sways against the wind!  ​
    5. The fact that the coastal areas experience sea breeze during the day and land breeze during the night is known to everyone. But the condition in the sacred city of Puri is exactly the opposite. The people their experience land breeze during the day and sea breeze during the night!​
    6. The Jagannath Temple, Puri,  is very close to the Bay Of Bengal. Just before entering the temple through the Singh Dwaara(Lion Gate) you could clearly hear the sound of the sea-waves, but the moment you enter the temple you could not here them at all!

      The facts mentioned above are difficult to digest, but BELIEVE IT OR NOT, they are true! They actually do not have any logical explanation!

      This temple, without any doubt, shows the knowledge and capability of the architects of those times. We should all feel proud to be born in this incredible country and also of our religion, which has innumerable scientific facts behind it.

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